Routledge Handbook of Translation & Activism

ed. Kayvan Tahmasebian & Rebecca Gould

Volume Overview

The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Activism introduces an unprecedented range of translators, scholars, activists, and readers to the most significant intersections of activism and translation past and present. Translation Studies is a rapidly changing discipline. As an area of inquiry and a source of methodologies that have shaped fields as diverse as postcolonial studies, conflict studies, and migration studies, translation has underwritten many activist causes and movements, broadening their networks and developing transregional solidarities. This volume examines these multifaceted contributions of translational practices and theories in detail, in order to more thoroughly chart past networks of solidarity and to plot out future itineraries for translational and transnational activism. While translation and activism are objects of inquiry throughout this volume, many contributions go beyond pre-existing analytical frameworks, seeking to inculcate activist and translational aesthetics in new ways.

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