Routledge Handbook of Translation & Activism

ed. Kayvan Tahmasebian & Rebecca Gould

Supplementary Material

Supplement to “Farhadpour, Prismatically Translated: Philosophical Prose and the Activist Agenda,” Routledge Handbook of Translation and Activism (Translation  Draft)

As we stated in an interview: “In our abridgement of Farhadpour’s text, we had to adapt for a handbook on translation and activism, for which the article was not originally written. Neither Farhadpour nor we were entirely satisfied with the outcome. After producing a draft of an abridged translation, we sent the text to Farhadpour so that he could trans-create an English version. The resulting text was more than a translation in the narrow sense of the term. It became a new version in the process of its transposition into English. In the end, we decided, after getting permission from Farhadpour, to publish both versions—the full version on RHTA’s website, and the abridged version in the book.”

The full version is therefore published here. The published text as it appears in the Routledge handbook, can be downloaded here and here.

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